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Customer Newsletter for 05/28/2019

Last Days of D&D Sale! Set Sail for Adventure!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productSaltmarsh Ship Stats Sheet
by Toban Barnes

In the adventure, Ghosts of Saltmarsh, new mechanics for ships have been introduced. This sheet makes it easy for your players to keep track of all their ships stats. Designed on a piece of driftwood, this immersive sheet is just the thing your players need to maintain their crew and ship. Designed to be used with the mechanics in Ghosts of Saltmarsh.

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What's New on DMsGuild

The Art of War CoverLast Chance Sale!

It's your last chance to save 15% OFF on titles across Dungeon Masters Guild's massive May D&D Sale. Plus, save even more (50% OFF) our bundle of nautical adventures perfect for your Ghosts of Saltmarsh campaign and other sea-faring adventures from our D&D Classics vaults.

New from the Guild Adepts!

The Art of War for D&D Players will take your play to the next level! Over two thousand years ago, a philosopher-general named Sun Tzu wrote The Art of War, the seminal work on military strategy. Discover how you can use these ancient secrets to master the game of Dungeons & Dragons! Guild Adept MT Black's book includes guidance for strategic combat, tactical roles, planning, and more.

Featured PDF

Featured Title

Cutter's Last Voyage
by Alex Clippinger


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Featured Title

Call from the Deep
by JVC Parry


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Featured Title

Expanded maritime combat rules for Ghosts of Saltmarsh
by Kor-Artificer


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekBlood, Salt & Bones
by Christopher WalzOliver CleggAlex ClippingerR P DavisBenjamin L. Eastman & Matt DunnChristian EichhornAnne GregersenBryan HolmesJeromy Schulz-Arnold, & Janek Sielicki

SALE! For a limited time, this product is marked down from $14.95 to celebrate the launch of Ghosts of Saltmarsh!

Who says the open sea has to be a cold and lonely place? Fill out the vast blue in your world with this collection of 24 ships and their unique crews. Adventure is sure to follow in these ships' wakes! 

  • Two dozen fully detailed ships, character profiles of their crew, and suggestions on how to introduce them into your game.
  • A hand drawn map for each ship.
  • A Ghosts of Saltmarsh compatible stat block for each entry.
  • 25 story seeds, each detailing a unique captain and their motives.
  • A collection of sailing equipment used by experienced sailors.
  • Tables to create random ships, their histories, and unique crews to sail them.


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