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Customer Newsletter for 05/14/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Occult Archives
by Studio Bunny

Peer into the occult magics that surround Warlocks, their deities and the pacts they form. We explore six new patrons: The Life's Flame, The Geode, The Grand Witch, The Glitch, The Grave Warden and The Bloodlust.

Additionally, we find two new races: The elf replicas made of gemstone, Geodites, and the spider-like dwellers of the Underdark, Harvestmen, with thirteen subraces between the two.

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What's New at DMsGuild?

Way of the Iron Embrace coverMASSIVE D&D SALE!

Throughout May, titles across Dungeon Masters Guild are 15% off! Now is the time to stock up on licensed D&D 5e titles and D&D Classics from earlier editions. Discover titles on sale here

New Guild Adept Title!

The Guild Adepts are creators handpicked and spotlighted by Wizards of the Coast! Their latest release - Way of the Iron Embrace by MT Black - brings us a master of grapples, throws, and pins. Fighting on the front line, they fearlessly lay hands on the most powerful enemies. Using balance, leverage, and their own internal power, these monks can control foes of almost any shape and size. In addition to a new subclass, this title includes a guide to grappling and NEW magic items!

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Keeping It Classy
by Kim Frandsen


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Featured Title

Monster Loot Vol. 1
by Anne Gregersen


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Featured Title

Treasures of the Deep
by Steve "Jaspor" Orr & Bill Putrino


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekTome of Warfare
by Conner McCall

Tome of Warfare is a supplement for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons that provides additional options for players and Dungeon Masters alike, each centered around the concept of warfare.

Within its pages, you'll find:

  • 23 new subclasses: 3 Primal Paths, 1 Bard College, 13 Martial Archetypes (including favorites such as the Gladiator, Swordsage, and Warblade), 1 Monastic Tradition, 3 Ranger Archetypes, 1 Sorcerous Origin, and 1 Arcane Tradition (a reincarnation of the 3.5e Duskblade)
  • 2 new prestige classes: Battlesmith and Eye of Gruumsh
  • 4 new classes: Crusader, Physician, Valkyrie, and Warlord, each with their own assortment of subclasses
  • A selection of over 20 new martial feats
  • Expanded weapons and armor lists (almost 3 times as many weapons as in the Player's Handbook)
  • New Magic Items
  • Additional Combat Options, including Action Options such as Parry and Charge, rules for Called Shots, Equipment Durability, and expanded injury lists
  • Additional siege weapons
  • Expansive lists of fortifications (including statistics) and strategies applicable in combats of any size
  • New Spells
  • Over 70 monster and NPC stat blocks for fleshing out warriors and armies of all kinds
  • And more!


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