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Customer Newsletter for 04/30/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productTYMORA, Lady of Fortune
by Johnny Tek

This is a lore pamphlet for players that play clerics, paladins, or worshippers of Tymora, goddess of good fortune, skill, victory, adventurers, and adventuring in the Forgotten Realms. Updated to post-Sundering status quo.

A compilation of lore based on established canon lore published across all editions of Dungeons & Dragons, combined with non-canon gap fillers.

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D&D Sale on Dungeon Masters Guild!

Dungeons & Dragons Sale!

Our May D&D Sale is here! All month, SAVE 15% OFF titles across Dungeon Masters Guild, including community-created titles and D&D classics.

Hardcover and Softcover BOOKS on Sale!

For the first time, our PRINT BOOKS are on sale up to 15% off! Til May 16, pick up Dungeon Masters Guild and D&D Classic BOOKS printed on demand for your shelves.

Featured PRINT BOOKS 28-40% OFF!

Save up to 40% off select hardcover and softcover books by best-selling community creators! Available til May 16! 

Xanathar's Lost Notes Cover Necromancer of Zhentil Keep Cover Critter Compendium Cover

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Expanded Metamagic Reference Manual
by Wraith Wright Productions


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Featured Title

52 New Class Option
by Xander Skylin / Brash JP


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Featured Title

Restful Roles
by Darren Kenny


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Raskir: The Secretive Ratfolk of Faerun
by Mike Garaffa

Beneath the surface of the world you’re familiar with, there lies an entire civilization hidden from view. The people here stand no taller than a gnome and resemble humanoid rodents. Step into their shoes and explore the world of the raskir!

This supplement is a resource for both players and Dungeon Masters. Inside, you’ll find a guide to creating your own playable raskir, a raskir-specific background, and additional lore describing the subterranean world of Raskofi. Additionally, this package includes an adventure designed to integrate them into your world.


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