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Customer Newsletter for 04/16/2019

Glorious Guides! ConTessa Charity Bundle! Astral Virtual Tabletop! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productMordenkainen's Tome of Factions
by Mr Dream

Mordenkainen is back with yet more cynical musings on the nature of the cosmos. This time he tackles the factions of Faerûn. In this tome, he describes the capricious nature of the Emerald Enclave, the hypocritical code of the Harpers, the circular reasoning of the Lords' Alliance, the dangerous fanaticism of the Order of the Gauntlet, and the two-faced treachery of the Zhentarim.As well as the truth behind the factions of Faerûn, this guide also includes the following:

  • 5 New Backgrounds: the Feral Child, the Flawed Clone, the Satirist, the Town Official, and the Willing Sacrifice.

  • 5 New Magic Items: Chalsembyr's Heart, the Cloak of the High Forest, Determination, Dove's Harp, and Grimjaw.

  • 5 New NPCs: Elminster Aumar, "Judge" Kazardun, Lady Shadowmoon, Manshoon the Vampire, and Mazzy Fentan.

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What's New on DMsGuild

ConTessa Bundle CoverSupport ConTessa and Save Over 80%

Support inclusive, safe gaming spaces with our ConTessa charity bundle! Your $9.99 donation gets you 16 titles of adventures, character options, guides, and more. All proceeds go to ConTessaa gaming organization dedicated to making tabletop gaming spaces more diverse by bringing marginalized-led events to conventions all around the United States.

They run innovative and unique tracks featuring games, panels, workshops, and seminars led entirely by historically marginalized people, yet open to attendance by anyone. Their event runners are volunteers who pick their own games and content, making every ConTessa event as unique as the ConTessans who run them!

Immersive, Simple, Fun VIRTUAL TABLETOP!

Astral TableTop is the easiest way to create, host, and play tabletop roleplaying games. Astral has partnered with DriveThruRPG to launch a new experience that makes running tabletop roleplaying games immersive, simple, and fun for both Game Masters and players. Use Astral to play with friends online, or as a helpful tool around the gaming table.

Play any tabletop roleplaying system in Astral by importing and sharing your favorite titles purchased through any DriveThru site, including DriveThruRPG and Dungeon Masters Guild. All accounts come with a ready-made starter template, tokens, audio files, and a helpful guide to help you get started. Use Astral for free, or level up to a Pro plan to unlock automation tools and 10,000 assets (designed by Mythic Portal Games) that come with every Pro account.

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Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Van Richten's Guide to Esoterica
by Oliver Clegg


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Featured Title

Fellozial's Ultimate Guide to Poison
by Christopher M. Cevasco


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Featured Title

Guide to Possession
by BenDjinn Games


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekVillains & Lairs II
by Jeff C. Stevens & More Community Creators!

Limited-time introductory price of $6.95 until April 25, 2019!

When this product hits Electrum best-seller status, I'll add 4 more villains!

Tired of heroes demolishing your dreadlords?Bored of barbarians brushing aside your BBEG?

Sick of those meddling kids ruining your zoning plans?

Revolutionize your game with this collection of 24 villanous NPCs, from small fry to world-ender, eight of which include maps and details of their lairs. Sinister side-quests, terrifying overlords, bounties, one-shots and more lie in wait for you inside. If that weren't enough, each NPC includes an image, backstory, motives, flaws, and a curated stat block. Some even include new magic items! Plus, you can download the maps!


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