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Customer Newsletter for 03/05/2019

DMs Day Sale! Player Options for the Peculiar and Courageous! Adventurers League in Print!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productThe Wrestler: A Grapple Based Class
by Jordan Allen

The Wrester! A class based entirely around grappling for D&D; 5th edition! Made by the creator of The Telepath Class, The Toon Class, and the Subclasses for Weirdos mini-series, this book contains an entirely original class with four subclasses to play with! The brutal Powerhouse, the speedy High-Flier, the tactical Technician, and the mystical Spiritualist!

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What's New at DMsGuild

DMs Day Sale and BUNDLES!

Til March 11th, we're celebrating Dungeon Masters with 10-40% off titles across! Plus, check out our special DMs Day bundles for savings over 60%. We've gathered adventures from classic D&D first edition series and paired them with conversion guides for D&D 5e and more.

Bundle A Series Bundle UK Bundle Ravenloft

The Adventurers League... IN PRINT!

Some of the most beloved D&D Adventurers League storylines are now available in PRINT-ON-DEMAND hardcover and softcover compendiums perfect to add to your bookshelf for AL or home play!

The Heir of Orcus modules feature three ways to play: join the Knights of Holy Judgment, the Cult of Zariel, or the forces of Chaos as you search for a lost Angel of Tyr, Ser Vindictus. Your adventurers will face tense moral dilemmas as they prepare to delve into the ancient and deadly Temple of Orcus! 

Swords of the Moonsea faces adventurers with goblin sieges, Zhentarim mysteries, and prophecies of destruction and evil! This 132-page anthology includes 5 best-selling Adventurers League quests for levels 1-10 with instructions on how to weave them together into a single story arc.

And can you defeat the darkness that is rising from the ruins of Zhentil Keep? Necromancer of Zhentil Keep, three adventures for levels 11-17, challenges brave souls to decide the fate of not only Zhentil Keep and Phlan, but the Moonsea and beyond! 

Heir of Orcus Swords of the Moonsea Necromancer of Zhentil Keep

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

The Book of House
by Willy AbeelNatalie BarillaroSteve BarrettMax Churak, & Chris Diggins


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Featured Title

Minions of Vulkoor
by Travis Legge


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Featured Title

Tools of the Trade: Artificer Options
by Christopher WalzAlex Clippinger, & Christian Eichhorn


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekAncestral Weapons
by Dungeon Rollers

Ancestral Weapons contains rules for scaling heirloom weapons and quick-building magic weapons.

A noble blade wielded in the blood wars, an axe used to protect the great city of Mirabar from orc invasions, or a powerful staff passed down by great sorcerers through the aeons. Ancestral Weapons are iconic within roleplaying. These weapons embody a character’s family, story, and history.

Ancestral Weapons are powerful heirlooms gifted through the generations that scale up in power as your adventurers perform heroic deeds. As these weapons grow, they unlock new and more powerful upgrades such as inflicting damage caused by the elemental energy trapped inside, causing a foe to flee in fear when struck, or allowing you to deflect even the fiercest of blows.

Due to the Spirit Point mechanic used within this system, you can also quickly develop new and thematic magic items to hand out to your players. Players can also use this system to let their heroes forge balanced and fun magic items with the included crafting rules.


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