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Customer Newsletter for 02/26/2019

Last Call for RAINN Bundles | Trove of Magic Items | New Adventurers League Print on Demand | And More!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productSo, a Blind Woman and a Medusa Walk Along the Road…
by Alan TuckerChad M. LenschHarm DelvaC M O’HalloranElven TowerTony PetreccaBeatriz T. DiasDavid McDonoughDungeon RollersGeorge SagerDuncan RhodesMorten GreisRichard Malena-Webber,Karl Sciberras, & ELF Vesala

A treasure trove of short encounters, story hooks, and random tablesthat can make that long journey to the next adventure much more interesting…

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What's New on DMsGuild

RAINN BundlesHeir of OrcusLast Call for RAINN Charity Bundles

With your help, Dungeon Masters Guild has raised over $80,000 for RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization with our 5 charity bundles. Find adventures, player options, monsters, and more by our top-selling creators, all at OVER 65% OFF with proceeds benefiting RAINN. Available til February 28.

Fill your digital library with the Starters Kit bundle, packed with great introductory adventures, or the Explorer's Pack, full of new classes, feats, spells, and more for your next character, or the Benevolent DM Kit of tools, rules, items, guides, and more. Click here to see them all!

A tremendous thank you to all of the community creators who rallied around this cause and donated some amazing titles to support RAINN!

New Print-On-Demand: The Heir of Orcus

Two of the highest rated Adventurers League adventures are now available as softcover and hardcover books! The Heir of Orcus Verses I & II feature three ways to play: join the Knights of Holy Judgment, the Cult of Zariel, or the forces of Chaos as you search for a lost Angel of Tyr, Ser Vindictus. Play like it is 1990 and experience the first Adventurer’s League modules to use 16-bit art for maps, tokens, NPC portraits, and magic items! Get the PDF for free when purchasing the adventures as print on demand.

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Nightingales's Grand Potions and Explosions!
by Sean Shannon


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Featured Title

20 Magic Items for Dwarves
by Nearsighted Games


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Featured Title

Items Awakened (5e NPCs)
by E. R. F. Jordan


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekWeird Stuff I Found On The Dungeon Floor: A Guide to Unique Magical Items and Their Construction
by Sean Shannon

You're stalking through the dungeon, flickering torchlight casting long shadows on the walls. You enter the main chamber, stepping past the slain beast. Before you lies a hoard of treasure! There are gems, blades and suits of enchanted armor. As your fingers toss through the goods, it starts to get strange. You find a pendant with a screaming mouth, a dinner plate and a CHICKEN?! That sure was some Weird Stuff I Found On the Dungeon Floor!

  • Boost, Balance and Break - An intuitive system to help you craft magic items tailored to your party's needs.
  • Feel Epic - Guidance on making magic items feel special in your narrative, weaving them into your story.
  • Ultimate Power - A new artifact and direction to create world-changing magic items of your own.
  • 100 Magic Items - New and unique low-level magic items for a variety of different party types.
  • Picture It - Original item illustrations by DM's Guild supernova Ashley May.


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