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Customer Newsletter for 02/19/2019

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productSchool of Geometry
by Imogen Gingell

This supplement introduces a new Arcane Tradition made with meticulous players in mind. A wizard who studies the School of Geometry, sometimes known as a Geometer, must create a graphical representation of all the spells they have prepared and all the cantrips they have learned. By exploiting the inherent connections and cycles between their spells, Geometers can learn to manipulate the way they express their arcana.

This Tradition is ideal for wizard characters with an interest in mathematics or cartography.

Be sure to pack your quill and ink!

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Support RAINN

Support RAINNDungeon Masters Guild has launched 5 new charity bundles supporting RAINN, the nation's largest anti-sexual violence organization. Find adventures, player options, monsters, and more by our top-selling creators, all at OVER 65% OFF with proceeds benefiting RAINN. 

Fill your digital library with the Starters Kit bundle, packed with great introductory adventures, or the Explorer's Pack, full of new classes, feats, spells, and more for your next character, or the Benevolent DM Kit of tools, rules, items, guides, and more. Click here to see them all!

A tremendous thank you to all of the community creators who rallied around this cause and donated some amazing titles to support RAINN!

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Working Stiffs
by Jacob S Kellogg


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Featured Title

Legendary Squire
by Clan Crafter Hralding


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Featured Title

Totem of the Leopard
by Hipsters & Dragons


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Tower Golem Saga
by Christian Eichhorn

This bundle includes The Soulmonger, The Tower Golem, and the Player Stronghold Rules for the Tower Golem!

The Soulmonger is an adventure designed for 3-7 2nd to 4th level characters and is optimized for five characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. The village of Longbarrow faces a dire threat. Dozens of devils besiege the village to relieve the inhabitants of their souls. It is up to the heroes to put an end to the machinations of Igach, a sly devil in services of Azaketh. Seek out the source of the devil incursion, and deliver the helpless villagers! The focus of The Soulmonger is set on exploration and roleplaying. The characters can recruit several NPCs they meet in Longbarrow and there are many hidden secrets and locations to uncover! 

The Tower Golem is an adventure designed for 3-7 2nd to 4th level characters and is optimized for five characters with an average party level (APL) of 3. It's the second and final chapter of the saga about Logrimm’s Tower Golem. The focus of The Tower Golem is set on roleplaying and interesting fights. In theory, the Tower is an infinite web of rooms and portals that the characters may never escape. However, eventually, the characters reach the end for one final encounter. You can change, interweave, or exchange the different parts as you see fit. There are several proposals and fully fleshed out levels in this document, but you may add your own adventures to the list! 

The Player Strongold: If you've ever searched for rules and encounters to run a player stronghold inside a walking and talking tower golem, look no further! Chances are that you didn't, but don't let that fact stand between you and this unique collection. This package includes 26 room descriptions and 19 random events to flesh out the stronghold! 


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