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Customer Newsletter for 01/22/2019

Monster Mechanics: Variants, Mod Rules, Harvest Rules! 

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productCloaker
by Michael Loving

Each entry in the Monster Manual Encounters series is a setting-neutral (but Forgotten Realms friendly) encounter designed to be dropped into any ongoing campaign with a minimum of fuss. The encounters are self-contained "micro-adventures" intended to show off the featured monster in a unique way, rather than being just another random encounter.

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Bundle of Many Things!

Bundle of Many Things: The Crafter's Kit - 74% Off!

This collection of licensed D&D works by community authors is for those with a crafter's heart. Those hoarders who harvest trophies, venoms, teeth, and claws from every foe. Those tinkerers who like to make friends. Literally. Find digital downloads with rules for creating constructs and golems, cooking up potions and poisons, for building entire cities, and more. Eight titles packed with D&D 5e crafting rules, player options, and art for $9.99! Available til January 28th

Construct Compendium

The Greasemonkey's Handbook

Magic Potions & Ingredients

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Supplemental Creatures
by Clint Anderson


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Featured Title

Creature Harvest Index
by D. Larson


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Featured Title

100 Interesting Boss Mechanics
by Casey Willis


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekBig & Scary Monsters
by Anne Gregersen

50% of proceeds go to charity!

'Big and Scary Monsters' is a small collection of punny monsters to drop into your 5e D&D game. These creatures are guaranteed to make players roll their eyes before they inevitably start laughing at the sillyness of the creature they've been faced with. Or they may just respond with a groan, which we all know is the sign of a quality pun.


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