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Customer Newsletter for 01/15/2019

Magical Companions, Spells, and More!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productHow To Train Your Companion
by James John

How To Train Your Companion is a guide for training your Dragons, Elementals, Familiars, Beasts, Monstrosities and Plants.

If you are an adventurer who finds themself a dragons egg, or lone bear cub and are looking to raise it as your companion then look inside this tome for a guide and added abilites to help you train these creatures.

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What's New at DMsGuild?

The Latest in Print on Demand

From our D&D Classics section come books - AVAILABLE IN PRINT - of history and lore. Forbidden Lore (2e) combines five books to make your Ravenloft games more terrifying than ever before with new spells, rules for curses, an in-depth look at secret societies, and more. Or delve into the notes, journals, and memorablia of Krynn with The History of Dragonlance (2e).

Dungeon Masters Guild Planned Maintenance

Dungeons Masters, players, and creators! Please note that DMsGuild has scheduled maintenance for January 28, 2019, and our website will be down for approximately 12 hours that day. (Creators, it's best not to schedule new releases for this day.)

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Field Guide to Plants of the Necromantic Arts
by BenDjinn Games


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Featured Title

Tome of Obscure Arcana - Volume 2
by Shane "Bluntaxe" Reeves


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Featured Title

Coven Casting
by E. R. F. Jordan


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Complete Archive of Esoteric Secrets
by Dungeon Masters Guild

Gain greater options for your spellcaster with this extension compendium of 160 spells. Ever feel like you don't have enough options for your spellcaster? Does your acid wizard have only two acid spells? Do you want more flavourful spells for lower levels? Do you want a spell that's just the right amount of ridiculous? Well, I have plenty of options for you!

The Complete Archive of Esoteric Secrets features the following:

  • 9 new cantrips, including summoning barrels and puddles of acid
  • 17 new 1st-level spells, including magic sigils, animated snowmen, and a volley of sharp stones
  • 23 new 2nd-level spells, including vine armour, silent spells, enchanting tales, and animated blades
  • 23 new 3rd-level spells, including inducing heart palpitations, hallucinogenic smoke, and protective celestial spirit
  • 31 new 4th-level spells, because 4th-level gets no love. Including fiendish chains, localised tornados, and spears of molten metal
  • 21 new 5th-level spells, including paralyzing lightning strikes, a murder of demonic crows, and the briefest of teleportations
  • 15 new 6th-level spells, including permanent change of appearance, bursts of sonic energy, and spirits of fire
  • 9 new 7th-level spells, including acid rain, intrusive darkness, and an angel of rusted metal
  • 7 new 8th-level spells, including a powerful protective barrier, a darkness that blots out the sun, and a field of impassable terrain
  • 5 new 9th-level spells, including the power of a giant god, and a storm of permafrost


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