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Customer Newsletter for 01/01/2019

New Year, New Setting: Ravnica!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productSights and Sounds of Ravnica
by Richard Malena-Webber

Ravnica is a vibrant and diverse city, filled with the absolute wonder, near-constant rivalry, and unique challenge that comes from the ten Guilds packed together on a single set of labyrinthine streets. As your players race around this wonderful city, you’ve got to make sure that they’re always looking around corners to find something new and exciting! Give them some fantastic Sights and Sounds of Ravnica to see!

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What's New at DMsGuild?

College of the Opera CoverWrite What You Know

They say to write what you know, and that's just what these Dungeon Masters Guild community creators did!

Hannah Rose and Kelli Butler collaborated on their debut DMsGuild title, College of the Opera, which soared up the most popular titles. Hannah and Kelli harnessed Kelli's experience as a real-life professional opera singer to make a class both fun and authentic. Read about their collaboration on or in our most recent Featured Author interview on Facebook.

The Malady Codex - a supplement of deadly diseases written by medical students Jason Bakos and Themis Paraskevas - was also featured recently on

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Spectrum of Magic
by Isabel Beis


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Featured Title

Life and Decay
by Christopher Willett


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Featured Title

Ravnica Races Expanded
by Kor-Artificer


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekOff to a Weird Start
by Beatriz T. Dias & Travis Legge

When a galvanice weird goes berserk in an Izzet Laboratory and begins wreaking havoc on its way out, the evening’s events are brought to a halt. Someone needs to head into the lab, look for survivors, and try to find out what went wrong. This is an introductory adventure for use with Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica and is set in the Blistercoils neighborhood of Precinct Five in the Tenth District.


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