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Customer Newsletter for 12/18/2018

Winter Wonderland, Family Gaming, and More!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productSantac'Laus is Coming to Town
by Dan Williams

As long as anyone in the sleepy halfling village of Flodur can remember, Christmas has been a time of terror. Every year on Christmas Eve, the deranged mindflayer Santac'Laus rides from his mountain lair, on a sleigh pulled by a team of terrible eye monsters, to eat children's brains and implant illithid tadpoles in the villagers.

Can the party put a stop to Santac'Laus' yearly visits? What strange and terrible secrets will they find in his lair? And why does he have a giant mech statue of himself?

This is a one-shot designed for a group of four 8th level adventurers. It contains a slightly absurd adventure, and a number of custom festive items and monsters.

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What's New on Dungeon Masters Guild

Little HeroesTeach Your Kids to Game Sale

Make merry this holiday season with our annual sale on family-friendly titles!

Snag deep discounts on kid-oriented titles such as Anne Gregersen's Little Heroes - A Guide to Children at the Table or Jay Africa's Goblin Problem! for fledgling Dungeon Masters.

Embers of the Last War FINALE

The last adventure of the Adventurers League Eberron storyline has been released. Check out M.T. Black's DDAL-ELW11 Secrets Below.

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

The Nutcracker, a retelling
by Anjuli Clayden


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Featured Title

The Perpetual Winter
by Justin Gagliani


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Featured Title

Winter's Breath
by Zeke Gonzalez & JVC Parry


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekHalaster's Hoard
by R P DavisChristopher WalzJeromy Schulz-ArnoldLuke Monroe, & Elise Cretel says: "Halaster's Hoard is a fantastic supplement for Dungeon of the Mad Mage!"

A group of the Guild's most creative minds has banded together to bring you a huge collection of powerful magic items, challenging monsters, and devious traps to tempt and terrorize the most jaded veteran adventurers.


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