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Customer Newsletter for 12/04/2018

Frosty Fun Advntures!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productCleric Domain: Winter
by Jozef Fox

A new cleric domain focusing on the season of winter. This is for players that want to inflict destabilizing conditions upon foes, exposing a weakness for the harsh cold and dealing devastating damage. This domain is one of the most deadly domains for clerics along with some minor survivability in freezing environments. It offers a range of new spells to the cleric list along with some blinding and stunning abilities.

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New at DMsGuild

Tablet Apps for your Library

You can now easily grab select titles or even sync your entire Dungeon Masters Guild library to your iPad, Android tablet, Windows PC, or Mac using DriveThruRPG's tablet app. DriveThruRPG's Library Client page has all of the info, downloads, and app store links.

New Guild Adept Titles in PRINT

The Guild Adepts have released some of their best-selling adventures and encounter collections in PRINT just in time for the holiday season.

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Last Christmas
by Janek Sielicki


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Featured Title

The Orb of Frostrealm
by Christof Deimer


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Featured Title

The White Lady
by Catherine Evans


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekIn The Black Midwinter
by Simon Perrins

In The Black Midwinter is a Festive adventure, designed for characters of levels 2-4, to be played in one (3-4 hour) session. The PCs battle an ancient evil threatening a remote village in the subarctic north. Very much the same as most D&D adventures, only this time, it’s Christmas themed!

The adventure includes a new Legendary Item, The Deck of Merry Things (with full printable art to create a prop deck), five (or seventeen, depending on how you count) new monsters, ten additional magic items and four new alignments (really!).

The adventure has been revised and expanded in November 2018, with a chapter by chapter adventure synopsis, internal hyperlinks in the pdf, and separate printable files for the Deck of Merry Things and maps. Another version of the main PDF is included, with no background textures on the pages, making it more suitable for black and white printing. Also one more table, because everyone loves rolling on tables.

This adventure is ideal for a one off, not entirely serious game separate from your regular campaign. Mulled wine, stupid hats and holiday cheer not included, but very highly recommended.


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