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Customer Newsletter for 11/20/2018

Delve into Undermountain! Explore Ravnica!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productWaterdeep: Cloak & Dagger
by Mr Dream

Waterdeep and Undermountain are filled with many strange and secretive factions. From the renegade drow of the Dark Dagger, to the vigilante organisation known as the Red Sashes, this guide will take you through twelve different factions operating in and around Waterdeep. These factions can serve as either allies or enemies. Each faction has its history, purpose and membership detailed, as well as information on joining the faction.This guide serves as a useful supplement to Waterdeep: Dragon Heist and Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage, but can also be used for adventures that take place beyond Waterdeep. These factions can be used to add flavour to an otherwise unrelated adventure, or can serve as the basis for an entire campaign. As well as giving information on new factions, this guide also provides details for new monsters, NPCs and magic items.

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New on DMsGuild

Welcome to Ravnica - New Setting!

With the launch of Dungeons & Dragons' Guildmasters' Guide to Ravnica, a new setting - RAVNICA - is now available on Dungeon Masters Guild, including a new adventure from Wizards of the Coast: Krenko's Way. Keep an eye out for new and imaginative adventures, supplements, and PDFs from our community creators!

A perpetual haze of dreary rain hangs over the spires of Ravnica. Bundled against the weather, the cosmopolitan citizens in all their fantastic diversity go about their daily business in bustling markets and shadowy back alleys. Through it all, ten guilds—crime syndicates, scientific institutions, church hierarchies, military forces, judicial courts, buzzing swarms, and rampaging gangs—vie for power, wealth, and influence.

T A R R A S Q U E S !

Guild Adept and co-author of Waterdeep: Dungeon of the Mad Mage James Introcaso brings us a single-session, over-the-top, gonzo adventure for level 20 characters that serves as a capstone to Dungeons & Dragons new Undermountain book. What’s more fun than one tarrasque? How about multiple tarrasques stomping across Waterdeep? How about a whole planet full of tarrasques ready to rumble? If that sounds exciting, then Invasion from the Planet of Tarrasques is for you.

Dungeon Masters Guild on Gnome Stew

Gnome Stew, the Gaming Blog, is featuring Dungeon Masters Guild in a series of articles about creating D&D 5e adventures, supplements, and other content on our platform. Check out Part 1 to read their perspective and tips on getting started!

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Mad Mages of Undermountain
by Troy Taylor


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Featured Title

42 Quests for Waterdeep and Skullport
by Christian Eichhorn


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Featured Title

DotMM I: Enter the Depths
by Wyatt Trull


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekUndermountain: The Lost Chambers
by Phil Beckwith, Alex Clippinger, Elise Cretel, Ashley May, Luciella Elisabeth Scarlett, Christopher Walz, and Micah Watt

Undermountain: the Lost Chambers is a collection of 11 adventure locations designed to be dropped in to Dungeon of the Mad Mage or any other Undermountain/dungeon crawl experience.

Crafted by 7 of the guild's best authors, the compilation features strange environments, bizzarre creatures, epic villains, ancient secrets, and the dreaded Undermountain Water Purification and Sanitation system.

Challenges range from level 3 all the way to level 13+, and feature exploration, negotiation and combat, ensuring options for all groups and playstyles.


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