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Customer Newsletter for 11/13/2018

Faith and Despair!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productCreate-An-Oath
by Matthew Gravelyn

Love playing those holy warriors but tired of the same old Oaths? This sourcebook provides a clear guide to creating your very own paladin Oath compatible with 5e. My guide is based on research of the eight official paladin Oaths as well as other homebrew and community-created content. It offers clear guidance along with examples. Included are two new paladin Oaths that I created with this guide, shown step-by-step to help guide you along the process.

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New on DMsGuild

Support Childrens Hospitals with NEW Wizards of the Coast Adventure

A new adventure by Wizards of the Coast's Bart Carroll and as seen on Chris Perkins' Extra Life 2018 game... A legendary inventor disappeared in the peaks eons ago… as it turns out, finding a crashed planar ship and studying its technology to fuel his own experiments—only now, Kwalish’s lost research is desperately needed!

Buy Lost Laboratory of Kwalish today! All proceeds go to Extra Life to support sick and injured children.

New from the Adventurers League

The latest adventures from Adventurers League Season 8 are available on the Dungeon Masters Guild! The Folded Time Trilogy takes Tier 1 adventurers on a journey through time to Waterdeep's past.

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Dulcimer's Guide to Death & Dying
by Benjamin L. Eastman & Matt Dunn


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Featured Title

The Malady Codex
by Jason Bakos & Themis Paraskevas


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Featured Title

Paladin: Passion Guides My Hand
by Isaac May


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Faithful of Eberron
by David AdamsScott BeanHannah CarlanOliver CleggAlex ClippingerR P DavisJeremy ForbingBryan HolmesWilliam Lawler
Travis LeggeRichard Malena-WebberJVC ParryChris RamsleyNicolas Carrillo, & Micah Watt

Dive into the lore of major faiths—the Sovereign Host, the Dark Six, warforged faiths, and more. Everything from druid sects to the Undying Court is represented within these pages!

Devote yourself to the divine with 38 archetypes, each tailored to a specific deity or other divine entity. Become a Templar of the Silver Flame, a nightmare sorcerer of the plane of dreams, or a warforged monk embracing their newfound emotions, just to name a few!

Pit your players against over a dozen Quori and Inspired stat blocks suitable for any level of play. Send them into battle opposite world-defining enemies like Lady Vol, the Lord of Blades, and the Voice of the Silver Flame, each with their own legendary stat block.

Build your character's story with two new backgrounds.

Build better stories by diving deeper into church hierarchies and examine alternate sects, distinct groups, and even heretical cults within the major religions of Eberron.


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