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Customer Newsletter for 11/06/2018

Wacky, Weird, and Planar!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productAmnesia: Forgotten & Forsworn
by Two Bats

This module is designed as a single session playthrough for 5 players of second level - more importantly, five “new” characters, ones of whom your players have no knowledge. As such, there is a catch: Your players must begin with “fresh” characters and furthermore, they will have no knowledge whatsoever of any of their character’s details. In fact, they’ll all be starting with blank character sheets.

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New on Dungeon Masters Guild

Fresh From the D&D Vaults

New PDFs from Wizards of the Coast's archives! Issues of D&D 3e Living Greyhawk Journal, 1e RPGA News, and 1e Polyhedron Newszine have been added to Dungeon Masters Guild. 

Trick-or-Treat Authors

If you participated in our trick-or-treat sale for October, you might have discovered some free PDFs from best-selling authors on Dungeon Masters Guild. Thank you to Alex Clippinger, Ashley May, Ashley Warren, BenDjinn Games, David Gibson, Matt Butler, and Phil Beckwith of P.B. Publishing for making our trick-or-treat festivities possible.

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

Classic Cosmology
by Joseph Bloch


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Featured Title

Quest World
by R. J. Crowder


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Featured Title

The Minotaur Trilogy
by P.B. Publishing, Phil Beckwith, JVC Parry


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekEncounters in the Infinite Planes Vol 01 Plane of Fire
by Dave Coulson

Adventure and excitement across the scorching Plane of Fire brought to you by the creator of the Codex of the Infinite Planes!

In the Cinder Wastes, a whispering voice draws the characters into a burnt forest of feuding fire elementals. A house of scheming fire giant princes and princesses all vying for the Throne of the Molten Blade makes for a volatile situation. In the Fountains of Creation, an ancient salamander outpost now controlled by the efreet holds a valuable secret in its hidden vault.

The Encounters in the Infinite Planes seeks to add flavor and excitement to the planes of existence by providing short scenarios that can be dropped into the key planar locations. The encounters are designed for specific tiers but can easily be adjusted up or down based on the capabilities of the party and the needs of the campaign.


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