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Customer Newsletter for 09/25/2018

Fey and Fiends and Forests, Oh My!

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Free Product of the Week

Free weekly productThe Lambent Delirium
by Lauren Neuburger

The Lambent Delirium is a Wuxia-flavored Feywild homebrew adventure for 5th Edition Dungeons and Dragons.

This one-shot is intended for moderately experienced 6-8th level players and DMs who embrace both chaos and roleplay.

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New in the Adventurers League

Adventurers Land in Eberron

Check out Alan Patrick's What's Past is Prologue!

The Adventurers League EBERRON CAMPAIGN launched last Friday with this prologue adventure to an all-new storyline approved for official play: Embers of the Last War. Sharn, City of Towers. They reach into the sky like the stone fingers of civilization that they are. They hold secrets and promises, and break the same just as quickly as they make new ones. You’ve got an opportunity to make a little coin by assisting with an expedition for Morgrave University; this should be easy money and not a lot of trouble… right?

Don't forget these other resources for your official-play Eberron game:

Dare to Enter the Quivering Forest

The Gifts of Corruption series, premiered at B-Con, takes adventurers into the fey-infested woods of the Quivering Forest. Elves beseech the adventurers' aid as a terrible disease of rot threatens to destroy everything. The adventures can be played in any order... for good or ill...

Featured PDFs

Featured Title

A Fey's Lair
by Joe Raso


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Featured Title

by Tuz Oh


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Featured Title

The Coven Creek Horror
by Joshua Shahan


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekMan, This Place Has Really Gone to Hell
by Alan Tucker

Blood War? You can't handle the Blood War! This supplement provides a number of adventure and campaign starter ideas to introduce your party to the dangers and intrigue of the eternal Blood War.


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