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Customer Newsletter for Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

We're headed to the Feywild!

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Free PDF of the Week

Free weekly productWayward Fey
by Adam Locke

The Feywild is a perilous land filled with hags and fomorians, but also with playful pixies and benevolent unicorns.

Join to these ranks the dutiful Silver Knight, the playful Streamling or the majesty of the Grandmother Dryad.

This supplement provides you with advice, statistics, recommended treasure and useful background and flavor notes for using six new kinds of fey in your game. The creatures in this work range from the benevolent Chime to the ravenous Dream Eater and will provide you with new and provocative options for your game.

Also included are options for lateral advancement of player characters with a fey theme and a variant Archfey patron for Warlocks.

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Notes from Lysa's Desk

Hail and well met, readers! So many exciting announcements have been spilling from the towers of Wizards of the Coast! D&D's next big storyline is The Wild Beyond the Witchlight, an adventure that brings the wicked whimsy of the Feywild to fifth edition hardcovers for the first time.

But this mischievous, magical plane is a favorite among the Dungeon Masters Guild community! From setting guides to player options to adventures galore, DMsGuild is full of fey. Why not start exploring the Feywild now?

Feywild Setting Guides

This newsletter spotlights some fey-themed player options and monsters to get your Feywild campaign started, but if you're looking for a deep-dive into this realm, we have you covered, too. Check these out:

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Lysa Penrose

Featured PDFs: Feywild

Featured Title

Order of the Equinox for Blood Hunters
by David Gagnon


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Featured Title

by DC Bradshaw


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Featured Title

Creatures of the Crystal Grove
by Modern Jester


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Pick of the Week

Pick of the WeekThe Shadow Fey: a Guide to the Fey of Ravenloft
by The Wild CourtNed TurnerMark LittonJack DuncanSean TadsenJonathan Swadley, & Anastasia Murray

All forms of horror lurk in the Mists: the shambling dead, the ravenous beasts, the slavering abominations, the conniving fiends, all these and more can be found in the dark and terror of Ravenloft. But what of the fey? What kind of horrors can the fey bring? This supplement aims to show DMs the full extent to which the fey can be horrifying.

This supplement gives you the tools you need to pit your players against a myriad of fey monsters. You will find stats for monsters such as the dreaded avanc that lurks at the bottom of Lake Kronov, the sadistic powrie that roam the wilds of Tepest, and even learn of the fey that haunt Barovia and serve the dangerous archfey Ceithlenn of the Crooked Teeth. Most exciting of all, though, you will learn of the fantastic land beneath the dreaded Mount Arak: the kingdom of Loht and Maeve!


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