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Customer Newsletter for 09/18/2018

Spellcraft, Capers, and more!

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Free Product of the Week!

Free weekly productThe Emporium of Uncanny Magic — Surprising Scrolls
by Scott F Gray

The fifth edition Dungeon Masters Guide features a whole host of cool magic items for Dungeons & Dragons, including many classic items updated from previous editions of the D&D game. But given the sheer number of magic items unleashed on unsuspecting players over 40+ years, it was inevitable that the Dungeon Masters Guide needed to leave a whole bunch of stuff out.

So if you're looking for more magic, or lamenting the loss of some favorite item from editions past, the Emporium of Uncanny Magic has you covered.

The Emporium of Uncanny Magic — Surprising Scrolls is a FREE entry in Insane Angel Studios' series of supplements dedicated to adapting and updating the hundreds of magic items that have been a core part of previous editions of the D&D game. This volume presents six useful scrolls from previous editions of the D&D game, updated and revised for fifth edition.

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DMsGuild Team Levels Up!

We are thrilled to announce that Lysa Chen has joined the DMsGuild team as Community Manager!

Lysa Chen has designed Dungeons & Dragons adventures for Wizards of the Coast and the Adventurers League and is distinguished as one of the Dungeon Masters Guild's premier Guild Adepts. She serves as a Community Manager for the Adventurers League and produces and hosts Behold Her, a monthly podcast about women in the world of tabletop games.

One of her first projects here at DMsGuild was enhancing and updating the DMsGuild Creator FAQ, so check it out!

A guide to capers and heists in 5th Edition D&D!

Check out Jeremy Meritt's Here's to Crime: A Guide to Capers and Heists!

Kotaku takes a quick look at this new PDF in the article A D&D Supplement That Makes Your Game More Like Ocean's Eleven. Jeremy was inspired by John Harper's Blades in the Dark RPG to add some new twists to his 5e game, and now you can too!

If you pick up this or any other PDF, be sure to leave a review, your fellow Dungeons & Dragons fans will appreciate it.

Featured PDFs!

Featured Title

Into Kryptgarden Forest
by Abel T. Trotter


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Featured Title

The Summer Magi
by GM Lent


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Featured Title

Genasi Compendium
by Jacob Driscoll


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Pick of the Week!

Pick of the WeekMordenkainen's Lost Notebook
by R P DavisAshley WarrenChristopher WalzJeromy Schulz-ArnoldScott Bean

Welcome to Mordenkainen’s Lost Notebook! Nobody, not even he, knows exactly how it got lost. But lost it got, and remained lost in Barovia until it ended up among the possessions of the warlock Amira Metanova. At least that’s what Ashley Warren, gifted writer and Guild Adept, told us when we started kicking around ideas for a book of spells and magic items. And since Amira is Ashley’s character, who are we to judge?

In any case, here is the result of hundreds of hours of creativity and research. Each piece of information is carefully crafted to bring more enjoyment to your D&D game. We used every caution in balancing the mechanical content, and we hope you agree we succeeded. Most of the spells and magic items are taken from sourcebooks from previous editions of D&D, but many of them are brand new, fresh from the fevered brains of the creative team behind this book.


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