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DDEX3-09 The Waydown (5e) $3.99 $3.19
Publisher: Wizards of the Coast
by Paul W. [Verified Purchaser] Date Added: 06/27/2017 15:59:14

This module is somewhat of a rarity for Adventurers League modules in that it intentionally includes a significant amount of roleplay opportunities in the first section. In addition, it rewards creative thinking and provides for XP awards for activities other than just killing monsters.

The module includes two potential secret missions (OOG and LA). The recommended time allotments are pretty tight even without the secret missions, so it might be somewhat problematic to complete in a four-hour convention slot if you have faction appropriate characters for the secret missions. As another reviewer mentioned, the trip down the river in the middle section seemed to take an unnecessary amount of time, but the final encounters once the party reaches the shrine in the Underdark is much more exciting (for players and DM). The final encounters once again allow for RP opportunities and even the potential to convert one of the monsters to the party's side -- at least for a time.

Overall, a very enjoyable module.

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DDEX3-09 The Waydown (5e)
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