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Classic Modules Today: B3 Palace of the Silver Princess 5e $1.95
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Classic Modules Today: B3 Palace of the Silver Princess 5e
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Classic Modules Today: B3 Palace of the Silver Princess 5e
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Sh S. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 12/10/2017 18:49:30

There are some really glaring flaws with this conversion. For reference, I purchased both this and the Palace of the Silver Princess module off of DM's Guild. (This conversion guide also notes that you can purchase the original module on DM's Guild).

First off, there are large chunks of content that are duplicated within the document. Pages 4-6 and 7-8 have nearly the indentical content (there is some extra loot mentioned in pages 4-6 that isn't on page 7-8). Now, maybe it's to give two different ways to view the content (one is more condensed than the other) and that would be fine if there weren't so much missing that is in the original module. You could remove pages 7-8 and you would lose nothing from what is provided in this conversion.

For instance, in the very first room of the dungeon, there is a red light that has a save vs. spell if you step into it and if you fail, you take 1d6 damage. My expectation is that the 5e conversion would change this to a con save or dex save (or heck, even a wisdom save if the original save was vs spells) and you take 1d6 "type of damage" damage. There is a section of 6 types of traps but none of them address the trap that is found in literally the first room.

There are also page numbers next to the trap list of where you find them, except they don't match up. The poison needle trap has a reference of page 14, but it's on page 12.

The monster conversions are also off. There's a conversion to use a black bear in place of a cave bear, but there's no cave bear mentioned in the original module. It has a conversion for an enchanted great cat, but there are none in the module. There are zombies listed on the wandering monster table, but no conversions mentioned in the conversion list (not even to use zombies for zombies like it does for skeletons). In many ways, I'm more confused by the conversion than I think I would be just taking the original module and starting from scratch.

I gave it two stars because if you do get this, it does give some stat blocks for some of the NPCs, an updated loot list, and some updated rules on some, but not all, of the traps. However, you're still going to need to do a lot of legwork yourself to get this module to work in 5e as there is a lot missing here.

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