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Classic Modules Today: X2 Castle Amber (5e) $1.95
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Classic Modules Today: X2 Castle Amber (5e)
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Classic Modules Today: X2 Castle Amber (5e)
Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild
by Jon P. [Verified Purchaser]
Date Added: 11/16/2016 04:11:45

A competent conversion, but one which ultimately loses some of the essence of the original adventure.

  • the idea in the original module that making a saving throw is not always beneficial is one of the plus points of what was a very quirky adventure, that should be retained, not discarded.
  • converting to generic MM creatures for all encounters feels lazy - especially with regards to the Amber family themselves. These would be better done as fully statted NPCs, more work I know, but they need to feel unique - AND powerful.
  • treasure amounts should be reduced greatly and the frequency/type of magic items needs changing too
  • limit the party to one long rest in each wing of the house - 5E PCs are more powerful than were Basic/Expert PCs, they do not need to be able to recharge at will.

I've run several of the old 1E/Basic/Expert adventures with a new 5E group, and while I was probably most looking forward to running this one, it felt a bit of a slog in places (the fault of the original module, which was lengthy). BECMI was a faster game to run than 5E, and there is potentially a lot of combat in this module. Also the party repeatedly wanted to know 'why' things were where they were, and the original X2 adventure doesn't do a great job of helping with that. Those thoughts seem common for modern gamers, not accustomed to the more simple 'monsters exist to guard treasure, treasure exists to be looted by PCs' ideal of the 70s and early 80s. It's simply a big, zany hackfest, and needs to be treated as such, logical thoughts need to be shunted to one side. But with the right group of players though, X2 can be a highly entertaining nostalgic romp.

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